Electric vehicles – Overview of the factors impacting power consumption

Through this article, we’ll discuss about what should be included into a specific algorithm to improve the estimation and analysis of power consumption on Electric vehicles. In dedicated following posts, we will go into details on all the aspect of those categories and factors in order to understand how to integrate this subtle variation that could, when combined, change results to certain points where all estimations are exceeded.

As for every system, we have to consider having an engineer approach and focus on a static and dynamic analysis of the force, constraints and interactions that might affect the results. This analysis will draw what can be integrated and the way we can get the information as well as the reliability of it in the process.

Overview of the car as a system

What would impact and affect the power consumption?

Categories of factors

Through this overview, we can already split the factors in different categories which could be:

  • Car and internal specific:

    Many and various forces apply on car on many aspect and this category presents the element directly linked to the car itself and its composition and elements.

    Whether it would be purely physical or mechanical, several rules and laws affect how we can have a result depending on the context. Adding to that, configuration of the car would change the theoretical value to some more realistic ones to better project and estimate with precision all aspects of those car elements.

  • Driver specific:

    This is mainly one parameter related to the human factor which is highly variable by the individual but also on the moment of analysis, a driving experience is affecting the overall usage in many aspects and is definitely something that should be integrated in an analysis and carefully studied to provide with an advanced algorithm.

  • External specific:

    Out of the previous categories, we have many other elements that would affect the power consumption and efficiency of the system among those we can think about the road aspect and characteristics, traffic in real time or predictive to project to a situation that would be encountered but also other factors like weather and meteorological parameters that would change the result.

    In this analysis, external factors would include all that are not directly decided or cannot be controlled by the vehicle or the driver itself, it’s mainly to fix what the elements undergo with very few capabilities to change or restrain the real impact.

Those categories are not the only one that can be extracted and represent just a composition of the factors so it can be discusses and analyzed in a limited perimeter.

If you think that other categories or factors should be integrated, share those thoughts in the comments that would improve the discussion around this analysis.

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