Project – Overview of the system in first phase

SmartEV project is more than just a mobile application or a simple API, it is designed to be scalable and create unique features to bring smarter use of your electric vehicle and also provides developers and companies with reliable information about this transport approach.

Global view

Multiple components are part of a whole ecosystem, and can be summarized like this:

On this scheme, the main objective is to draw a big picture of what will be created as functional components grouped by their type and usage.
In this first phase, the three big parts is distributed around mobile, website and platform so every component would need to be integrated.

An evolutive system for many use cases

The basic information of individual performance and behavior analysis is something interesting directly for the user as he would be able to explore and understand how to improve the use of the electric vehicle and take the best of it.

The construction of the system is mainly organized so it would be possible to add new features supported by the platform and integrated in a user interface for mobile and on the website.

Since the project is something that would be built progressively, it is in its core and conception that the system is directly designed to be able to add new components and new features. Version support (versioning) and backward compatibility will be maximized and kept in mind all the time to provide the developers with a robust overall platform.

Mobile application

In order to allow the user to follow his own results in a regular (daily, weekly or monthly) manner, and share the information with his friends, a mobile application available on multiple operating systems and platforms will be developed and shared with unique features and advices before and in real time as well as some interaction with the vehicle itself.

The key features of the application would be concentrated on these axis:

  • Ecology/economy: efficiency while driving, plugin improved control, automation and easy integration
  • Security: behavior and safety are directly related to the efficiency as well but rather focused on other parameters like acceleration or braking analysis
  • Knowledge/Advices: on demand or pushed advices to improve based on algorithm based approach as well as the statistics one
  • Social: share with Friends or compare with the community to engage even more the user in an improving curve

In the first versions, most of the features will be limited to the minimum to progressively improve the most used and also beneficiate from the users’ feedback that would require more content of a kind and proceed in a much agile way and provides the user with what’s really needed, useful and making sense on their scenarios.


The website is the portal to all information and visualization for the user to analyze his own performances and also observe the history and use all the feature regarding the analysis that would be in the mobile app as well.

The website is the front office of all content and features and would be the richest part where the algorithm and visualization can be completely exposed and mainly focused on analysis, statistics and tools. Most of the social and daily comparison with other users would be restricted as it would be more like a supervision portal and is focused on the user itself with key reporting and advices.

The key features for the website would be:

  • Statistics: reporting of driving, charging and using experiences
  • Knowledge/Advices: on much general approach
  • Planner: trip preparation with detailed configuration and experience based estimation with possibility to customize based on driver’s profile


The platform is the key component, the backbone of the two previous but even more, the project aims to integrate features to ease the development of new components for developers but also to learn from the real-world data and improve the knowledge on this kind of vehicle.

The platform would be composed of Web APIs and real time Hubs that would offer various information in relation with a documentation to describe the data and how to use the features. Coming with a strong community background, it is something that is important and mandatory and goes in the same direction as sharing the whole process of project creation and associated analysis.


For this first phase, a view of the planning of development phases can be presented:

Of course, since it is a side project, the realization might change but it is mainly my goal, to keep on the right track, the tools and the components so the components would be available really soon even if it would be a simple and restricted first version, it’s important to deliver and to provide user with a basic application that work well relying on a platform that will improve and evolve.

The next post about the project itself will go deeper into the details of each components and it is obvious that the technical bits would be adapted to an approach that would please the developers and especially while it would be about going into details of certain features or talking about technical stack and implementations or cloud hosting as well.

As always, your feedback would be appreciated and if you’re interested to discuss further, reach me using the comments here.

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